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Trying to start all over again on the journey of success after a great loss or crash could be very difficult. Journey with me as we explore the attitudes that can lead you to success even after you’ve been through huge failures.

Have this same attitude in yourselves which was in Christ Jesus [look to Him as your example in selfless humility].” Philippians 2: 5 (Amp)

Your attitude is influenced by your perspective; it is your approach to life, the inward feeling expressed by an outward behaviour. It affects everything around you and determines how far you go in life. Paying close attention to your attitude can help you accomplish what God has put in your hands. You can make the choice on the kind of attitude you display on a daily basis.

As a follower of Christ, you ought to display attitudes that are pleasant to God and your fellow man. Learn to imbibe the same attitude Jesus Christ had while on earth. You must have a fresh mentality and outlook; it influences the quality of your commitments. Your attitude helps people know you, how well they can grow with you and even how well you can grow. Your attitude affects your family, friends, leaders and subordinates.

Attitudes that lead to success you must imbibe

Humility: This is recognising that though you might be strong, you need God’s help. It is you giving God credit for all your accomplishments and willingly walking in His grace, love and forgiveness. It is a point where you are willing to build others up instead of tearing them down. Despite the hostility of any environment you find yourself  if you can humble yourself, His grace is readily available to you. Pride is not attractive; the moment you become blessed with some things and you become unnecessarily proud, people will eventually avoid you. Listen to what people say about you. Do they say you are proud? If yes, intentionally deal with it.

Teachability: People have lost their homes, jobs and even opportunities for not being teachable. You must be willing to challenge your thoughts, actions and learn new things.

Diligence: it is an attitude of consistency in accomplishing tasks. A lot of people have talents and gifts but are not diligent; they are slothful in business and lacking in that drive that deliberately follows through with what they start. Keep doing that same thing in the right direction and you will see results. You must be faithful in small things so that you can be trusted with bigger things.

Thankfulness: Stop complaining and feeling entitled, be thankful. You must thank Him for what He has done, what He is doing and what He will continue to do. Thank Him at least for the things He has enabled you to escape, thank Him for everything good, bad, big or small. Thankful people have a supernatural realm provided for them; there are places arrogant people will never be invited to, but thankful people are a pleasure to be around. Thank your spouse, parents, children, boss and subordinates.

Generosity: Be liberal in giving. Allow yourself to be used by God to bless people. It will unlock God’s blessings over your life.

May God give you the grace to imbibe these habits as you grow in your walk with him.

In case, you have not made Jesus the Lord of your life, I want to encourage you to do so because you can not pull through great loss or failure on your own, you need the help of the Almighty God. Say this simple prayer with me: “Heavenly Father, I make peace with You today, forgive me my sins. Jesus, come into life; I surrender all to You. Be my Lord and my Saviour, take care of me in the midst of trials and troubles. I accept you into my life today and my life is all Yours. Thank you for accepting me, in the name of Jesus, Amen.”

God bless you.

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